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About us


The charm of Palestine was, over the years, and still a secret that attracts visitors from all over the world. Some of them came with pace, following the footsteps of God prophets and messengers, so they stayed in it for a while and eventually left, Some of them came with plans of colonizing the land, and exploiting its history and resources, and some just passed through Palestine to Asia coming from Africa or vice-versa, being the only land passage between the two continents.

No mater what was that reason motivating the visitors to come to Palestine, and whether their stay is short or long, the people of Palestine always utilized all possible resources to receive the guests of Palestine and have the honor of serving them and offering to them the proper Arabic Hospitality, with a special Palestinian touch and Palestinian charm…

We at the Arab Hotels Company worked hard, and since the establishment, to carry on with this Palestinian tradition, and to focus on establishing a company capable of investing in the tourism sector, to develop high quality tourism outlets and services to host the visitors of Palestine from all over the world in all different occasions.

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